Our History

Historical Highlights

1861 –  The Church had its inception under a brush harbor.

1880 First permanent church was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire.

1886 First Deacon Board was organized.

Early 1900’s New wings were constructed on each side of the church that made seating capacity 750. Senior Choir was organized. Rev. George Ernest Goode served as Superintendent of the Sunday School.

1920  – The Missionary society was organized by Sis. Elizabeth Dean and Sis. Hattie Carter.

1956  – The Senior Usher board was organized by Bro. Tabe Goode.

 Late 1950’s Sis. Effie Dean organized the Junior Usher Board.

1964  – The Gospel Chorus was organized by Sis. Susie (Wim) Carter.

 1967    – The Youth Choir was organized by Dea. Prelo Moore. The Willing Workers Club was organized by Sis. Elizabeth R. Davis.

 Early 1970’s Started having service twice a month – 2nd Sunday morning and 4th Sunday evening.

1972   – The Young Adult Choir was organized by Bro. H. Stanley Lagroon and others.

 1974   – Final plans were made for new church building – Dea. Robert C. Moore chairman of the Building Committee and Building Fund Treasurer.

1976   – Construction of now church completed and first service held. The Deaconess Board was organized by Sis. Mattie C. Boozer.  The Junior Deacon Board was organized by Bro. H. Stanley Lagroon.

1980    – Annual Vacation Bible School was organized by Sis. Daisy Moore.

 1981  –  Developed program for Children’s Meditation during Sunday Morning Worship.

1984   – The Pulpit Aide Society was reorganized.

1985   – The Young Women Auxiliary was organized by Sis. Roslyn Carroll.

 1986  –  Liquidated Church Mortgage for the 1976 New Church Building.

 1987  –  First Exchange Worship between St. Luke Presbyterian Church, Orangeburg, SC and Old Mt. Zion.  First Annual Christmas Morning Worship.  Purchased first church van.

1988   – First Christmas Candlelight and Caroling Fellowship Worship. Initiated Youth Leadership of the morning worship each fourth Sunday.   Purchased first church Grand Piano.  Paved Church’s Parking Lot.

1989   – Sponsored Black History Quiz Bowl.  Organized First Read through the Bible Group.  First Annual Christmas Fellowship Dinner.

1990   – Second Christmas Candlelight and Caroling Fellowship Worship.  First Annual Camp Fellowship and Church Picnic. Reorganized Sunday School and named Sis. Daisy Moore Superintendent.  Installed new Public Address System.

1992   –Brotherhood was organized by Dea. Robert Moore.  First Female Trustees Elected Sis. Patricia Kimble and Sis. London Thomas.

1992-1993   –The late Rev. Harold Stith served as Interim Pastor.

1993  –  A painting was done inside of the church.  Missionary Society installed Baptism Pool and New Draperies.  Alarm System was installed in the church.  Siding was placed on the outside of the church.

1993-1994   – Rev. Gardner Creecy served as Pastor.

1994-1995  –  Rev. Clyde D. Cannon served as Interim Pastor.

1994   – The Missionary Society presented Bibles to the church.  Program Commemorating Dr. Benjamin E. Mays. Computer and Software purchased for the church. Dea. Arthur Brunson resigns from Chairman of the Deacon Board due to Health Problems. He served for twenty-three years. Dea. Robert Moore was elected as Chairman.

 1994  –  Rev. Clyde D. Cannon was installed as the 12th Pastor of Old Mt. Zion.  All Male Choir was organized under the leadership of Bro. James Stewart.

 1998  Incorporated by State of South Carolina as Non Profit Corporation Church Endowment Fund started by Board of Trustees Hired Musician Jeremy Blocker as Drummer.

1999    –   Awning Installation Completed.

 2000   – Reorganize Sunday School with four Co-Superintendents.  Church purchased Copier.  Mission Fund purchased school supplies for Matthews and East End Elementary Schools.  Millennium Celebration organized by Sis. Vivian Archie. Oldest member present was Sis. Juanita Griffin. Youngest member present was Tasha Carters son.  Y2K Emergency Supplies was donated to families.  Appointed Nursery Supervision Assistance under the Leadership of Sis. Glorietta Jones.  Completed our pledge to the O. R. Ruben Chapel or Special Fund total of $5,000. This chapel is located on Morris College Campus.  The Birthday Month Ministry organized by Pastor Cannon.  The Congregational Nurse Program organized by Self Memorial Hospital, Mrs. Mary Crouch. The RN provided health screenings at affiliated churches — Antioch, Mt. Olive, Mt. Pisgah and Old Mt. Zion.  Parking Lot repaved. Handicap signs placed for special parking.  Inspirational Choir organized by Sis. Debra Johnson, Sis. Gwendolyn Gray, and Bro. James Gray.

2001   – Pastor Cannon appointed Rev. Thessa Smith Director of Christian Education.  Entrance/Exit Gates installed on premises.  Singles and Married Couples Class organized by Sis. Glorietta Jones and Bro. John A. Carter.  Phonics Class organized by Sis. Glorietta Jones under the direction of Mrs. Thelma C. Griffin.  Completion of Picnic Shelter.


Pastor Cannons Fifth Pastoral Anniversary Celebration and Banquet.

Pastors & Reverends:

 1861-1886           Ned Starks  

1886-1935            James Foster Marshall

1936-1941            Moses Marquette Peace  

1942-1945            Norman L. Bush  

1946-1947           James S. Maddox     

1948-1949           A. M. Means    

1950-1953           Robert Wilson      

1954-1964            A. Stephens

1965-1981           Henry James Dicks  

1981-1992           Robert M. Scotland     

1992-1993           Harold Stith (Interim)  

1993-1994           Gardner Creecy    

1994-2008          Clyde D. Cannon    

2008  to present            Reverend Dr.  Danny R. Webb, Th. D.  

Chairman of Deacon Board: George Washington Dean, Tom Warren, Robert (Rob) Dean, James Dean, Julian (Doc) Dean, Lewis N. Dean, Arthur Brunson, Robert C. Moore, Brawley Watts, Jr., and Henry Ordelle Watts.